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BAYoNET Referral Partner Program
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WHAT IS THE REFERRAL PARTNER PROGRAM?  RP2 is designed for BayLou to enter into agreements with independent contractors that refer customers to BAYoNET solutions. Independent contractors receive commissions for referral that result in new clients as long as the agreements are in-effect.  BAYoNET offers customers a full array of Internet products and services as well as our innovative Value-Added Internet [VAI] services that extends the customer-supplier relationship to focusing on what makes organizations successful in terms of operations, financial, market position. The Referral Partner Program [RP2] extends to you a simple way to earn income as BAYoNET penetrates markets.

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HOW MUCH INCOME CAN I MAKE?  Referral Partner will generally make a 20% to 25% commission on sales. This varies in some cases due to the nature of the internet product or service. What people/organizations make in revenue is based on a number of factors e.g., traffice to a website, number of businesses “touched” in the course of their business, etc. But to illustrate, a 3-year sale for a web hosted account might generate $360. A partner would make approximately $72 to $90 on that sale. 

DOES IT COST TO PARTICIPATE IN RP2?  No. We do not charge for participation in RP2. Our goal is to make this opportunity as accessible as possible. First and foremost, that means to not charge an entrance fee. 

HOW WILL MY INCOME BE DETERMINED? The process is simple:
1) We publish a schedule of Commission Rates for each BAYoNET product and service.
You (your organization) will receive a RP2 Promotion Code to be given to individuals and organizations that are purchasing BAYoNET products and services.
3) Customers enter the RP2 Promotion Code during transactions. Our tracking system uses this information to calculate commissions.
4) We publish quarterly RP2 activity reports along with paying commissions.  

HOW DO CANCELLATIONS AND REVISIONS FACTOR INTO MY COMMISSIONS?  First, our policy is that, with the exception of domain name registrations, customers receive full refund if cancellations and revisions occur within 45 days of purchase. Given their nature, domain registrations cannot be refunded as a standard industry practice. For sales that were refunded, we adjust Referral Partner commissions. However, cancellations and revisions after 45 days of purchase are credited to the customer’s account for future purchases. Therefore, we pay commissions on “net sales”.

WHAT STRATEGIES CAN I USE TO GENERATE REFERRALS?  We encourage Referral Partners to design strategies based on their relationships. Strategies might include:
— Display of BAYoNET images and link on your websites.
— Posting links to the BAYoNET products and services page in social media posts.
— Providing the BAYoNET Quick Facts sheet to potential customers within your networks.

While RP2 is intended to rely on relationships and modest involvement of Referral Partners, BayLou is planning a Selling Partner program for individuals and organization that desire more active roles in marketing BAYoNET products and services.

WHAT TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE MUST I HAVE TO BE AN RP2 PARTNER? Limited/general. Referral Partners are not expected to be technology experts. However, we recommend that you become generally familiar with the internet products and services in order to maximize your potential. For instance, if you plan to be an active partner, as opposed to simply displaying the BAYoNET logo on a website,  understanding various services will allow you to recognize potential customers. To illustrate, if you were to discover an associate is embarking on an eCommerce project, BAYoNET can provide one or more solutions such as domain name registration, website hosting, shopping cart, security (e.g., SSL Certificate), etc. We provide the technical experts, but you knowing the portfolio of solutions better enables you to make referrals.

AM I A GOOD FIT FOR RP2? We take seriously the work of bringing new Referral Partners into RP2. We look for partners that: 1) Have networks that they can reach and/or committed to building networks; 2) Enjoy a reputation of professionalism; and 3) Demonstrate a results orientation.

Examples of great Referral Partners include:

Community Councils
Religious Organizations
Home-Based Businesses
Web Developers
Service Agencies
Web Developers
Business Consultants
Network Marketers
Personnel Firms
Financial Institutions
Chambers of Commerce
Business Office Solutions
Educational Institutions
College Students
Fraternities & Sororities

We are committed to fostering innovative opportunities during the challenging economic climate our nation is experiencing. We are excited about the vision behind RP2 and direction this program is taking.  And we trust that you will find RP2 exciting as well.

An excellent way to generate passive income. Monetize your websites. And raise your market visibility.