BayLou Comment Policy



Established to communicate with customers and stakeholders on a range of important topics, BAYLOU.COM extends to you the invitation to offer content on this welcomes your written contributions on our articles and other content.such as Community News. We extend the invitation to the public for , as long as such comments are respectful, related to the content presented, and delivered in a civil manner. BAYLOU.COM does not preview comments prior to their release to the general public. However, we value the public trust and therefore reserve the right to remove any comments or other content that does not comply with this Comment Policy. We also reserve the right to remove comments and other content that are inconsistent with our editorial standards.

This policy extends to various forms of third-party content that includes, but is not limited to:

  • User comments on articles, pages, videos, and other content;
  • Posting of third-party articles through Community News;
  • Visitor collaboration content such as surveys, polls, and petitions;
  • Event notices;
  • Links to other websites;
  • Site-provided profile forms.

The above and any other visitor content represents the views of our visitors. BAYLOU.COM does not fact-check visitor content and does not necessarily agree with visitor views.

Visitors to BAYLOU.COM who violate our policies may be banned permanently and without notice. Further, we reserve the right to remove visitor-provided content that contains any of the following:

  • Slander, personal attacks or abusive, hateful, offensive, or racist language or material;
  • Spam or links to spam (repeated attempts to redirect readers to another website are considered spam);
  • Comments off-topic to the article;
  • All capital letters;
  • Intentionally inflammatory rhetoric;
  • Links to inappropriate or unrelated content;
  • Identical, repetitive comments posted on multiple articles;
  • Excessively long URLs;
  • Graphics;
  • Personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc;
  • Blatantly promotional content;
  • Reproduced copyrighted articles from other sources: provide a link only;
  • Atempts to bypass word/character limits by continuing text in another post.


When BAYLOU.COM delete content that violates our policy, subordinate or linked content known as a “child” is also automatically deleted. When an account is deleted, all content connected to the visitor may be deleted. BAYLOU.COM will delete the account and ban the IP address of any commenter (person) found using multiple aliases under multiple e-mail addresses in a deceptive manner.


Neither THE BAYLOU GROUP, LLC nor its online product, BAYLOU.COM, is responsible for injury or liability to any reader or commenter resulting from the content posted on the site, or from comments posted by readers, that may be viewed as offensive, misleading, inaccurate, illegal, or otherwise unsuitable.