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CAPITAL PROGRAM SERVICES Capital is the engine that sets innovation, organizational change, and growth in motion. BayLou brings expertise and experience that identify and structure the right financing for your business need. READ MORE >>

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Volatile economic cycles. Global competition. Aging infrastructure. Increasing price sensitivities in the marketplace. Prevailing conditions divide organizations that see opportunities for growth from those that see impossibilities. We meet clients in both these spaces, navigating the former and energizing the latter. In either case, some clients possess financial resources, but lack certain development expertise. Others possess expertise, but lack development resources. BayLou offers end-to-end services by overlaying client capabilities with its development capabilities. READ MORE >>

FAITH-BASED & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Many of the core competencies offered under Development Services assist clients in social entrepreneur settings. However, this arena introduces numerous potential differences. Unstructured leadership. Conflicting visions and objectives. Entrenched hostilities. Apathy. And financial resource challenges. We have extensive experience in this arena and find these projects a rewarding combination of facilitating value and enabling societal good. READ MORE >> 

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Mission-critical initiatives commit resources in an environment of risks – financing, key person and partnership, innovation. operation and supply chain, regulatory, and marketplace. Effectively organizing resources in a challenging business climate requires applying best practices and tools to plan for myriad uncertainties. READ MORE >>

MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS Personal computers hit U.S. retail stores in 1972. If a company defined itself as a typewriter repairer, it is most likely no longer in business. The sweeping impact of personal computers and direction of firms tied to displaced technologies underscore the vital role of understanding marketplace trends. The ability to reveal key insights can make the difference between sales and left over inventories. Market share positions. Profitable investments and under-performing investors required returns. We help our clients to read changes and their competitive implications. READ MORE >>

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS What Dr. Charles Berry, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Cincinnati, states about the doughnut hole forms the basis for the various economic analyses we offer clients faced with increasingly complex markets and government activity. READ MORE >>

STRATEGIC PLANNING The climate for doing business today demands the identity and structure of organization. Yet, even more critical for success is “organism”, the focused moving of parts in unison so as to accomplish and sustain organization. Whether for turnaround, marketshare protection, or growth, the development of strategy gives purpose and focus to every level and department, human resource, venture, supply chain, and customer relationship consistent with desired outcomes. We assist our clients in the creating a strategies that respond to their enterprise environment. READ MORE >>

FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS “Is this a sound investment”? Our clients regularly confront this basic question that, if not properly answered, can be costly. Conducting a feasibility study is a necessary business practice before investing in a proposed venture. This is particularly so when competing alternatives. We bring to these critical decisions, expertise in finance, a depth of understanding about business, and commitment to thorough analytics. READ MORE >>

ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN We develop business relationships with clients at various points along an organization’s lifecycle. This includes clients that require restructuring in response to strategic change. Organizational design services guide clients through setting legal and operational structures, policies, mission statements and best practices, and strategies. READ MORE >>