Futuristic Gyroscopic Transport (Video)

Instanbul, Turkey – Architectural and structuring engineering firm, Dahir Insaat, has recently produced a 3-D video that pushes the envelop on people moving systems. Futuristic gyroscopic transport would conceivably address normal and emergency use cases, particularly in high traffic metropolitan areas. The concept features elevated vehicles that traverse urban transportation arteries in close proximity to traditional vehicles, pedestrians, and many forms of infrastructure.

According to Dahir Insaat, these gyro-vehicles are made possible by highly reliable engines, advances in electrical motor control, lightweight composite body, sophisticated fly wheels, and gyro-based balancers. The design calls for operators to be able to raise and lower these glass-domed pods, creating vertical lanes along existing roads. The transformer-like vehicle features comfortable and spacious interiors that would accommodate as many or more commuters that ride a typical bus. Industrial models would be designed for public safety applications such as firefighting, triage, and homeland security, and other uses. Likewise, commercial uses would extend to limousine services. 

The designers see enormous economical, environmental, transit, and public safety benefits in bringing this ambitious technological solution to myriad challenges presented by dense population centers.