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BayLou brings to the marketplace, content-rich media products that enhance society. 

kt-mediaA number of transformations in contemporary society have redefined concepts such as “channel”, “distribution”, and “market”. The emergence of online malls and digital formats have open the marketplace to connecting buyers and sellers. Brick-and-mortar franchising of media retailers are giving way to the information highway that enables a U.S. operator to connect with Asia, Africa, Europe, and The Middle East.

BayLou is committed to operating in the digital space in a way that affords first-time and self-published/self-produced media products to penetrate markets.

We are aggressively seeking to assist producers, authors, and other creators of literature, society enriching stage productions, documentaries, and in bringing their works to the marketplace.

We provide project management, raise capital, and offer marketing support with an emphasis on non-fiction genres.


  • Educational
  • Technology
  • Social, Family & Relationship
  • Educational
  • Spiritual/Faith/Religious
  • History
  • Analytical (e.g., economics)
  • Biographical.
Ask about becoming a channel partner that earns income by referring customers that purchase books and other media products from BayLou. We are establishing an innovative sales force that enables individuals, groups, and companies to generate revenues by referring customers to BayLou Media’s products. The process is simply, requires little time, and serves as an excellent opportunity to use people networks to make passive income. 



Of the many Scriptural questions that perplex Christians today, are those surrounding what is arguably the worst atrocity in the history of mankind; The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, also referred to as the African Holocaust. For over 400 years, this enterprise claimed millions of African lives, devastated the world’s most naturally rich continent, and set in-place white supremacy as a worldwide operating ethos. For much of its existence, the slave trade witnessed Americans and Europeans defending this enterprise on Biblical grounds. In Winter 2014, BayLou Media will publish The Bible and Chattel Slavery, a series of books that examines whether the God of Christianity supported this controversial enterprise.