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Knowledge_TransferBayLou is developing for commercial distribution, a collection of actual business that provides citizens, community groups, organizations, businesses, institutions, and government agencies an in-depth look at myriad development projects that are transforming urban centers. UrbaPedia is an emerging repository of
educational business cases and institutes that take a practical approach to building development “how to” skills.  These resources place individuals and teams in real world situations, using both instruction and applied learning techniques that enhance disciplines such as establishing sustainable partnerships, financing, operations, deal structuring, working with public and private sectors, attracting business, stakeholder consensus-building, and deploying technology. .

Why UrbaPedia…
Our commitment to UrbaPedia stems from a number of factors:

1. Under-reporting of urban projects leaves prospective community stakeholders with a lack of successful models.
2. Within the numerous examples of success projects are resources available to other projects.
3. Institutional focus (e.g., universities) tends to center around regional and large corporation developments.
4. Highlighting success stories encourages financiers of the viability of homegrown urban solutions.

The story of America is largely of its urban centers. UrbaPedia not only celebrates productive activity, but also offers pathways for future stories.

What Types of Developments…
The vision for UrbaPedia encompasses a wide range of initiatives that embody one or more defining positives influences on highly populated places. The list below is an examples below illustrates the intended diversity of projects that will be featured in the UrbaPedia collection:

  • The launch of a community development financial institution [CDFI] in an under-served community.
  • A faith-based program that targets improved STEM academics at an innercity school.
  • Repositioning of a unproductive retail center into a boutique retail destination.
  • Former gang members launch a program reclaim youth for continued education, healthy family life, meaningful employment, and better relationships with the community.
  • A scattered site housing renovation program that revitalizes a neighborhood, provides jobs, stimulates businesses, and adds to the tax base.
  • A local citizens group gets a referendum on the ballot.
  • A small business association stimulates economic development by attracting franchise opportunities.
  • A group of churches land banks property in a blighted area for a collaborative development.

Turn Your Project Into A Knowledge Transfer Profit Center…
We work with clients interesting in capturing the knowledge about their urban projects and turning that knowledge into a revenue source. For instance, if your organization just completed an issue to, let’s say, locate an arts center in a blighted area, contact BayLou. We will discuss various options for capturing the knowledge about your project. Upon completion of your UrbaPedia project profile, we will add it to the collection for sale to groups interested in a similar project. We also add the person(s) designated by you to UrbaPedia Speakers Bureau.
UrbaPedia is an excellent resource for:

  • Corporate managers
  • Small businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Community/civic agencies
  • Social service organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Citizens groups
  • Trade organization (e.g., chamber)
  • UrbaPedia Competitions
  • UrbaPedia Institutes.