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The continued expansion of our society relies upon people and organizations constantly looking for opportunities to develop. BayLou offers end-to-end services by overlaying client capabilities with its development capabilities.



Volatile economic cycles. Global competition. Aging infrastructure. Increasing price sensitivities in the marketplace. Prevailing conditions divide organizations that see opportunities for growth from those that see impossibilities. We meet clients in both these spaces, navigating the former and energizing the latter. 

BayLouBUILDTM is our methodology of best practices that guides clients from a idea or concept through each phase of bringing that idea into fruition. Our approach is designed to begin by understanding the client’s primary objectives – economic, social, etc.


Our methodology is responsive to a number project scenarios such as the client possesses financial resources, but lack certain development expertise. Or the client possesses some of the necessary expertise, but lacks development resources.  Another science might include Stakeholders expressing a need (e.g., first ring municipality wants to build a business district) seeks competitive bids through formal RFPs or informal processes. 

We provide solutions for a range of client needs in the areas of business development, real estate development, and economic development. In-addition, BayLou has extensive experience in faith-based and community development; offered as a separate service with special tweeks to the methodology.

We are committed to re-emergence of strong economies that have faced persistent challenges. And we seek clients that share our commitment to excellence and vision to move society forward, whether in the public- or private-sector.