MC – Faith-Based and Community Development




An array of social, civic, and faith-based groups in communities across America and the world possess the vision, ingenuity, and drive to transform society. BayLou welcomes the opportunity to apply its development best practices to these unique opportunities.


Inevitably, the trends in industry present either opportunities or challenges to ordinary communities. The closing of a large manufacturing plant, for instance,  has direct bearing on jobs, the need for new businesses to absorb displaced workers, and potentially substantially re-training programs.

Myriad development needs cut across economic, family, health, redressing aging community amenities and infrastructure, public safety, and other focus areas. And as these needs exists, communities typically possess the social infrastructure, readily to address the needs if given sufficient technical assistance. Organizations in this development space might include worship centers and religious associations, community councils, fraternities and sororities, trade unions, social service agencies, educational institutions, human relations councils, etc.


BayLouBUILDTM is our methodology of best practices that guides clients from a idea or concept through each phase of bringing that idea into fruition. Our approach is designed to begin by understanding the client’s primary objectives – economic, social, etc.

Our methodology is responsive to a number project scenarios such as the client possesses financial resources, but lack certain development expertise. Or the client possesses some of the necessary expertise, but lacks development resources.  Another science might include Stakeholders expressing a need (e.g., first ring municipality wants to build a business district) seeks competitive bids through formal RFPs or informal processes. 

Many of the core competencies offered under Development Services assist clients in social entrepreneur settings. However, the arena of Faith-Based and Community Development introduces numerous potential differences. Unstructured leadership. Conflicting visions and objectives. Entrenched hostilities. Apathy. And financial resource challenges. We have extensive experience in this arena and find these projects a rewarding combination of facilitating value and enabling societal good.

BayLou has extensive experience in customizing is development methodology to address peculiar situations that arise in faith-based and community development.