MC – Market Research and Analysis




Personal computers hit U.S. retail stores in 1972. If a company defined itself as a typewriter repairer, it is most likely no longer in business.

Industry leaders value capabilities to identify trends. The importance is felt in countless situations. Understanding changing economic conditions that affect one segment can make the difference between sales and left over inventories in another. Suppliers of goods and services that see and respond to key shifts in consumer preferences hold a distinct competitive advantage. An organization’s mission statement can be effected by changes in technology, government regulations, global affairs, energy and environmental issues. BayLou can provide you insights into key marketplace changes.


Capabilities to read the market makes the difference in everyday and strategic decisions such as forecasting the introduction of products and services, designing ad campaigns, staffing, locating facilities, and offering exceptional value. Whether a Fortune 500 company, political campaign, community-based business, or local church, an organization strengthens its position by connecting to day’s dynamic marketplace.

BayLouTRENDTM gives our clients insight into prevailing and emerging market conditions that impact their business. We offer two levels of qualitative and quantitative research. One-time basis research supports special situations or decision such as resizing product packaging or research done in-conjunction with a business plan. We design a customized program for organizations that want to regularly scan their business environment. Both research levels incorporate the appropriate use of sampling, surveys/polling, focus groups, analyzing of publicly available databases, and other data collection techniques. Our reports are easy-to-understand, and where appropriate, includes tables, graphs, charts, and GIS maps.