MC – Organizational Design



“The organization’s design exists in three planes: paper, hearts, and minds.”
Kenneth D. Price,
Senior Managing Member
The BayLou Group, LLC 



BayLou assists clients in deploying the organizational design that enables them to effectively pursue a set of mission-critical objectives.

We apply BayLouORGTM to businesses, institutions, government entities, faith-based and community organizations in various conditions or lifecycle stages:

— Idea Conception/Birth or New Venture
— Growth/Opportunity
— Maturity/Slowing Performance
— Decline, Turnaround or Identity Crisis
— Repositioning/Re-energizing.

Today, organizations must look at their design in response to market forces that prompt changing requirements. Regulatory changes that impose or restrictions as recently witnessed with healthcare reform. The emergence of new hard technologies such as wireless utility meters. Emergence of process technologies such as scan-as-you-shop retailing and teller-less bank branches. Political changes in global markets. And profound shifts in the economy.

Changes create myriad organizational design questions such as…

What values must the organization foster to adapt the organization’s future outlook?
DIRECTIVES: Are working capital policies sufficient to meet the demands of a period of accelerated growth?
SYSTEMS: How should prevailing human resource policies be revised to align with new performance measures?
STRUCTURE: Should the organization convert to a new model (e.g., matrix management) to improve integration?

BayLouORGTM enables clients frame the organizational design “problem” related to internal/external conditions and assists in identifying effective solutions.