MC – Project Management



“Change is the birth canal of uncertainty.”

Kenneth D. Price,

Senior Managing Member
The BayLou Group, LLC



mc-project-mgtMission-critical initiatives commit resources in an environment of risks – financing, key person and partnership, innovation. operation and supply chain, regulatory, and marketplace. Myriad potential challenge confront enterprise initiatives across the scale/type grid. Economic conditions shift. Consumer demands change. New technology emerges. Competition intensifies.  The organizational climate can turn and often without notice.

Clients often look for project managers with a track record of deliverables that avoided the tidal waves of change. We measure success by guiding the ship through rough waters. Meeting a competitive bid deadline after a terrorist threat shutdown postal mail submission to a federal agency. Finding new resources after the financial market collapse that eroded the solvency of an anticipated project financier. We look forward to sharing these project experiences and innovative management solutions we brought to them. Our project management approach reduces client risks by planning for the unexpected and unforeseeable.

BayLouPATHTM is our project management model, designed maximize the value of our client’s investment in key initiatives through best practices targeted at seven focal points:mc-project-mgt-meth

1) Task integration/timing, budgets, resources.

2) Partnerships, vendor agreements, financing.

3) Team execution and supply chain integration.

4) Stakeholder communications.

5) Organizational responses to “change”.

6) Countermeasures to unpredictable conditions.

7) Periodic and post-implementation assessment.