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We assist our clients in the creating a strategies that respond to their enterprise environment.

The growth of one of America’s most successful, International Business Machines [IBM], is largely attributed to its commitment to its 360-architecture scalable platform. CEO Tom Watson is celebrated leading IBM through the introduction of its flagship technology.

What is often lost in IBM’s experience is the number of independently-functioning technology R&D laboratories Watson shut down in order to ensure the all organization functions and levels were walking in lockstep with the 360-architecture strategy.

The climate for doing business today demands the identity and structure of organization. Yet, even more critical for success is “organism”, the focused moving of parts in unison so as to accomplish and sustain organization. Whether for turnaround, marketshare protection, or growth, the development of strategy gives purpose and focus to every level and department, human resource, venture, supply chain, and customer relationship consistent with desired outcomes.

BayLouCHOICETM is out proprietary model that guides clients through short- and long-range strategic change. Our philosophy and methods to foster strategic change emphasize:

1) Readiness pre-work to ensure necessary elements are in-place e.g., champion, resources, clear need statement.
2) Careful consideration of stakeholders and engaging them early in the process.
3) A structured process and use of analytics to identity and evaluate available options.
4) Articulation of meaningful qualitative and quantitative success measures.
5) A change migration path that reflects sound understanding of linkages and myriad affects on the organization.

The story of IBM, that enabled it to outpace competitors, remains a shining example of strategic planning and execution; both the risks and rewards. Contact BayLou in your organization’s time of strategic change. We bring a high level of professionalism clients that are committed to writing their own stories of historical change.