What We Believe: Begin the Engagement by Understanding Baylou’s Core Philosophy


 How does BayLou define impact? In what ways does BayLou seek to be a difference maker? These questions reach into a core philosophy instilled into BayLou’s founder, Kenneth Price, by parents who encouraged their children to maximize their lives by pragmatic contributions. 
Leave the world a much better place than it was before you arrived.” — Eddie W. Price
We recognize the consulting landscape includes firms that date back more than 100 years. Firms with extensive channel relationships and international presence. And firms with renown branding. And yet, BayLou is committed to each client engagement presenting an opportunity to move society forward.
Whether the client is a Fortune 500 corporation, small business, public-sector agency, faith based organization, educational institution, or not-for-profit foundation. The BayLou vision sees communities, industries, governments, households, and individuals enjoying progress that flows out of business and technological innovations.
A business analysis project that leads to enterprise improvements ultimately adds value to shareholders and protect jobs. And these outcomes ultimately promote strong families. An operations study on the delivery of government services is not only an opportunity to generate consulting revenues, but more so an entrée into enabling citizens to receive more value from their taxes. An client engagement to lead the launch of a small business or provide a turnaround strategy strengthens local economies. And in an era of increasing economic pressures from within and without our nation, our work with small businesses translate into healthy communities. 
Big transformations come through a chain of individual results that our services can bring. We appreciate “big picture” concepts. BayLou’s work is inevitably through a zoom lens on specific project targets. Hence, our foundation as a provider of business and technology services, that is our most basic philosophy, is rooted in individual contributions that enable broader societal progress.
At BayLou, we call this microFOCUS.