TBIC – Mobile Apps



Technology_BusinessIntelligence_ConsultingAvailability of content and IT solution affords tremendous opportunities to expand into new customer markets, provide products and services more effectively, increase efficiency, and enhance your organization’s presence in the marketplace. We can build new mobile solutions. Also, we can enhance existing online presence to include easy access through devices.


Several compelling reasons move organizations to the development of mobile applications. These include:

1. Mobile Device Usage. Studies differ as to the amount of time people use their mobile devices each day. Reports range from 42 to 188 minutes, with most  we’ve reviewed setting the figure at at 150 to 165 minutes. Though some variance, there is general agreement that people are spending considerable time on mobile devices. The usage is expected to increases with new functionality and new devices (e.g., wearables). And that organizations committed to maximizing connections among people must invest in mobile apps. 

2. Operational Support. The emerging end-user expectation is for full functionality at one’s fingertips. A well-conceived strategy to meet this demand enables users to access their mobile device to: manage personal information, pay bills, see advice, purchase goods and services, plan and manage events, convey updates on projects and initiatives, access news, check pricing, obtain coupons, submit work requirements and receive quotes, apply for jobs, and fulfill a host of other needs. 

3. Branding. Mobile applications make a statement that your organization is making a commitment to meet the demands of an increasingly active information age. Consider the power of your brand seen regularly as people are accessing their devices.

4. Relationship Management. Mobile apps provide your organization a way to improvement relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders. And this improvement management beings from early development throughout the life of the relationships.