TBIC – Networking


Technology_BusinessIntelligence_ConsultingToday, organizations face enormous challenges of managing bandwidth for speed, volume, security, and reliability. The design , deployment, and management of computer networks is critical to sustaining complex transactions that can make the difference between customer relationships, supply chain, internal operations driving service, profitability, and other goals or severely placing them in-jeopardy.


Computer networks are often referred to as the vessels of the IT world that carry the lifeblood of data between critical organs in open and closed systems. Increasingly, this means handling complex protocols such as Virtual Private Networks [VPNs], large format (e.g., video, Voice Over IP (VoIP), digital TV), and various encryption schemes.

The demands will continue to increase with the growth of social media. Cloud computing. Remote service deliver as in distance learning.  And online financial transactions on for everything from ordering pizzas to managing investments. What began as short burst of packets that comprised our phone communications has turned into more magnitude more users, requesting and sending more information across local area networks [LANs] and wide area networks [WANs].

In addition, the above changes are occurring in an environment space that must increasingly contend with:

  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters e.g., telecommunications terrorist attacks
  • Data center failures and damages
  • Network node failures e.g., faulty routers and switches
  • Constant network threats e.g., denial of service [DoS]
  • Spread of trojan horses, viruses, and other malicious code
  • Unauthorized intrusions using scanner, sniffer, and other devices
  • Identity theft to attack networks and/or as the goal of such attacks.

BayLou works with clients to identify risks and to engineer computer network solutions that meet the many challenges associated with connecting facilities, departments, and users. Whether your organization is a small accountant, multi-site service agency, institution or government agency, or industrial distributor, our networking services are designed to enable you to satisfy high reliability requirements today and migrate your network infrastructure as needs evolve in the future.