TBIC – Software As A Service




Syndicated solutions is one of the most promising innovations in modern computing. Software As A Service [SAAS] enables clients to deploy solutions in a way that fundamentally changes the economics of IT investment. For clients/owners of computing solutions, SAAS enables organizations to reduce the risks by enrolling multiple (and potentially large numbers of) users. For client/users of computing solutions, SAAS means less capital investment as well as the potential for creating a business model that produces revenue from IT solutions. 


TBIC-saasThe development and deployment of multi-customer (multi-tenant) computing solutions places the responsibility of applications on third-party providers operating cloud computing solutions. 

SAAS offers a number of economic benefits in terms of lower systems development capital investment. Reduced facilities, equipment, and staffing for what would otherwise be proprietary applications. Leveraging vendors with subject matter expertise [SBE] required for delivery and maintenance of complex systems. SAAS is particularly feasible for highly regulated industries where organization share some level of operational commonality.

By its nature, however, SAAS presents a range of issues that must be addressed carefully in order to satisfy policies, regulatory requirements, Service Level Agreements {SLA], and other organizational requirements.

SAAS Owners Projects
Clients interested in SAAS ownership pursue this profit center opportunities in offering solutions to various segments of the economy. For instance, your organization might desire to deploy an SAAS platform that supports online analytical processing [OLAP] for small- to mid-sized retailers. Another example is an SAAS solution that supports customer service centers. Here, BayLou provides the systems engineering capacity as well as business development assistance to secure organizational customers for the SAAS solution.

SAAS Tenant Projects 
Clients interested in SAAS tenancy have identified computer systems need that exceed their internal resources. Here, BayLou works with organizations to establish a “lead user consortium” comprised of organizations that jointly define requirements and syndicate the systems project. Depending on the nature of the SAAS solution, the consortium mightbe in a position to ultimately market the solutions to other tenants on a fee basis, this transisioning to SAAS owner.