TBIC – Technology Product Selection




Within virtually every IT category, are product options that have relative strengths and weaknesses when compared to their competitors. Likewise, where products are similar, other factors such as vendor market position reveal distinct advantages or disadvantages. Further, many vendors offer various products and/or product derivatives that increase the number of viable choices. The importance of making the right selection for a given business cannot be overstated.


The selection of IT products covers the full range of operating systems, sever machines, networking infrastructure, database solutions, instrumentation and robotics, eCommerce platforms, database warehousing and data analysis toolkit, customer service and training software, surveillance equipment, and every other type of computing and communications candidate solution.

Product selection involves numerous considerations related to the ability to meet complex, often tiered requirements. The relative stability of candidate vendors in the marketplace as well as their financial conditions — factors that influence vendors’ ability to meet future needs. The organization’s level of expertise and potential training requirements. The extent to which products can be integrated into an overall IT environment. Whether or not products are linked to emerging or waning technologies. Are are the underlying financial investments required to deploy and management various products.

BayLou has the experience to guide organizations along often challenging decisions to select a product (or set of products) among potentially pools of candidates. One project required our recommendation of a operating system/software platform to run mission-critical banking transactions. The range of choices included over 50 viable options. BayLou apply product selection best practices from end-to-end requirements gathering through final recommendation in order to assist the client’s decision-making on one of its most critical start-up tasks and a large capital investment.