Technology and Business Intelligence Consulting [TBIC]



We deliver end-to-end services for client engagements in technology and business intelligence consulting domains… 

BayLou designs and delivers computer systems that improve decision making. Increase operational efficiency. Expand the client’s ability to communicate within the organization and with your channel partners. And improve performance in the marketplace. We apply state-of-art methodologies to analyze current problems, construct IT infrastructure, and integrate business processes and solutions. READ MORE >>

Today, organizations face enormous challenges in managing bandwidth for speed, volume, security, and reliability. These challenges exist in environments where natural and man-made disasters, security (e.g., identity theft), malicious content, denial of service, and other attacks threaten reliability. By understanding client needs and creating LAN/WAN solutions, BayLou enables clients to position digital communications as a strategic advantage. READ MORE >>

Syndicated solutions is one of the most promising innovations in modern computing. Software As A Service [SAAS] enables clients to deploy solutions in a way that fundamentally changes the economics of IT investment. For clients/owners of computing solutions, SAAS enables organizations to reduce the risks by enrolling multiple (and potentially large numbers of) users. For client/users of computing solutions, SAAS means less capital investment as well as the potential for creating a business model that produces revenue from IT solutions. READ MORE >>

Availability of content and IT solution affords tremendous opportunities to expand into new customer markets, provide products and services more effectively, increase efficiency, and enhance your organization’s presence in the marketplace. We can build new mobile solutions. Also, we can enhance existing online presence to include easy access through devices. READ MORE >>

Running today’s operations — whether a grocery chain, bookstore, manufacturing line, or R&D laboratory — requires efficient access to accurate data. The development of enterprise databases for Online Transaction Processing [OLTP] is a cornerstone of sound IT investment in the modern economy. READ MORE >>

Several converging factors have resulted in the maintenance of information resources as an emerging key focus of leading organizations in virtually every sector of the economy. BayLou possesses years of experiencing in designing and implementing large data repositories that meet clients’ Online Analytical Processing [OLAP] needs, using a number of start-of-the-art technologies and IT best practices. READ MORE >>

Tomorrow’s winning organizations will be those that leverage their data to gain strategic insights. Using records related to transitions, conditions, demographics, and other aspects of the organization’s environment transfers data into information, which is the basis of business intelligence analysis. Data mining is a valuable component to delivering results, whether for small businesses, corporate enterprises, community organizations, institutions, or government agencies. READ MORE >>

Rules that govern internal management and external use of the organization’s computing and communications resources have regulatory compliance, fiduciary, security, reliability, and other implications. Consequently, development of these rules are is a mission critical undertaking. READ MORE >>

The technology landscape within today’s organizations is neither static nor always predictable. How organizations adapt to changing environments can make the difference between being a market leader or on the brink of extinction. READ MORE >>

Within virtually every IT category, are product options that have relative strengths and weaknesses when compared to their competitors. Likewise, where products are similar, other factors such as vendor market position reveal distinct advantages or disadvantages. Further, many vendors offer various products and/or product derivatives that increase the number of viable choices. The importance of making the right selection for a given business cannot be overstated. READ MORE >>

Resources that manage the organization’s computing and communications needs are vital assets that require ongoing management over the course of their lifecycle. BayLou assists clients in achieving high return on IT assets. READ MORE >>