BayLou is developing for commercial distribution, a collection of actual business that provides
citizens, community groups, organizations, businesses, institutions, and government agencies an in-depth look at myriad development projects.

What is UrbapediaTM ?

UrbapediaTM is an emerging repository of
educational business cases and institutes that take a practical approach to building development “how to” skills. These resources place individuals and teams
in real world situations, using both instruction and
applied learning techniques that enhance disciplines
such as establishing sustainable partnerships, financing, operations, deal structuring, working with public and private sectors, attracting business, stakeholder consensus-building, and deploying technology.

Is Urbapedia TM for you?
UrbapediaTM targets knowledge transfer to:

Corporate managers
Small businesses
Government agencies
Educational institutions
Community/civic agencies
Social service organizations
Faith-based organizations
Citizens groups
Trade organization (e.g., chamber)
Types of development?

UrbapediaTM increases your understanding by placing you and your team in the middle of myriad types of projects that take place in urban, under-resourced, and small enterprise settings. Projects include:
Launching of financial institutions
Revitalizing a strip center
Starting a computer lab
Ex-offenders jobs initiative
Building a community center
Running a ballot initiative (referendum)
Locating franchises
Multicultural tourism ventures
Repositioning a housing complex
Attracting residents
Cleaning up a polluted area
Environmental sustainability initiative
Repositioning vacant structures.

Propose a project for BayLou to write an UrbapediaTM business case. This is a great way to obtain possible solutions to your business situation.
Incorporate UrbapediaTM business cases in your educational/skill development program.
Host an UrbapediaTM Institute.
Propose adding your business case to the UrbapediaTM collection.