Consider BayLou’s Value Proposition

ValueVault - Baylou'e framework for articulating its value proposition.


During a consulting project to bring a new venture online, one of our many responsibilities was to recommend an enterprise computing solution. Given the capital investment involved, BayLou identified 50 software products and vendors from which to choose. Our analysis culminated in a selection and subsequent system integration process to engineer the client’s computing and network environment.

Over the years, BayLou has made many recommendations such as the one mentioned above. These experiences not only enable our client to achieve their goals, but also deepen our appreciation for the pressures our potential client face when making their selection of a consultant.

The landscape of consulting companies is wide and diverse, ranging from small firms to billion-dollar multinational concerns. We would be honored to fulfill your business and/or technology needs. We can either limit your choices nor for ethical reasons does BayLou speak ill of our competitors. .


Our focus is to deliver value. Worth. Measurable and meaningful impact to your organization in exchange for the trust vested in the services we provide. To that end, BayLou makes this pledge to you:

  • Stretch the Benefit. Often we encounter opportunities to extend the customer’s initial ideas about the benefit of a project. Whether this occurs after initial orientation or during the course of project execution (where something has changed in the business environment), we view our responsibility to you to get as much as possible out of the investment made in BayLou services. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands, but our philosophy is to present the “unanticipated benefits” available that your organization might maximize our business relationship; and 
  • Unparalleled Ownership of Work. We treat every project with an absolute level of professional commitment to excellence in that, from the moment of engagement, BayLou sees its future tied to your future. BayLou, in this sense, becomes a part of your organization. We have a zero tolerance approach to quality. We treat your project expenditures as though the resources are our own. This includes ensuring that you get the value out of every dollar spent; and
  • Our Best Guidance. We ask the tough questions that challenge you to strive for the very best outcomes. Indeed, we seek to have answers to questions you have not yet considered and solutions to problems before they occur. And most of all, we are dedicated to providing insights and recommended directions that best position you to achieve your business goals. This is particularly true when our perspectives are challenging and where the “easy way” is available, but not prudent i.e., in the best long-term interest of the business. If our recommended direction means lower fees for BayLou (e.g., a “no go” recommendation to a client on a real estate acquisition where we stand to derive development services fees), our best guidance is what we provide your organization; and
  • Services Within Our Expertise. No two projects are completely alike. And yet, we only engage clients where business needs align with BayLou expertise and demonstrated experience. Where the anticipated scope of work falls outside our service grid, BayLou can assist organizations in identifying and vetting potential service providers; and  
  • Best BayLou Pricing. To maintain the highest integrity in our pricing. We offer various fee structures and work with you to fit the best structure for the business situation. Whichever fee structure is determined, you can be certain that BayLou does not discriminate among clients; and
  • Designed-In Trust. As a standard way of doing business, we work to earn the faith of your organization. And yet, various aspects of business relationships are not matters of faith, but trust. And trust, the extension of confidence that emerges out of agreements. Therefore, we place great emphasis on written expectations and parameters that define our business relationship. BayLou invests in up-front documentation. Memorandums of Understanding [MOU], Fee Schedules; Confidentiality Agreements; Non-Compete Agreements; and Service Agreements. All intended to design trust into the business relationship before you invest in our services; and
  • 100% Value Vault TM Applicable. This commitments listed here apply to every client relationship and every project within BayLou’s service grid. Whether large or small client, new or recurring services, short- or long-term projects, the Value VaultTM secures our relationship. 

This is our value proposition to you and we look forward to shaping a relationship built upon these commitments.